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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> good morning, 4:00 a.m. on h@zbqmo bjqléfç0m look from our roots camera, foggy, cool and foggy and c,d]%ñr louise is tracking at c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú
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i could. this fireball,, the noise of bid was deafening it was real loud. it sounded very much psychic the big bed jet airplane still running. huffs >> we have walking wounded going to our fire station, at this time we did not have any radios or communications. what we did was ask citizens to drive people with burns on their arms and face possible. and then we discovered there was no water in the hydrants we think the water main had been blown out by the blast. it is a sinking feeling to say the least you count on that order being there was
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rarely one of the hardest things and i've had to do this is like my family the neighbors to walk their dogs, and we see the day in day out. it is very hard to leave when i do go on to my family because i feel obligated i feel like part of me is being left behind. >> it was very emotional for firefighters as they told their stories that many of them live in this chamber area or grow purer. the people that there were responding to were people they knew, several, christine connolly, kron4 news. >> and of course w have later we of the latest on our web site at also how you can help the victims. all that is available on a quick break, we'll back with
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and your back some people worry that pg&e may try to pass the costs on to customers. yesterday the utilities in an application seeking to build customers for the cost related to disasters like wild fires which are caused by the company. kron4 was at that meeting when the question about san broken up. >> i thought it was important to make a record today was the public is fairly clearly focused on the issue. >> the hearing was focused on the pga the application seeking to bill ratepayers the costs related to wildfires caused by the utility company attorney microcurie wanted to know that the samper and a gas line explosion was being lumped into the application as well. >> i think it's relevant to ask p&g is their intent to unclear it the events in san bruno as something that is within the domain of these proceedings. >> and we don't intend to say
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across for ordering through this. >> the public should not order about the utility company passing on damage caused connected to the gas line explosion. >> is about a billion dollars of general liability insurance that does lanza recovered by. this c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4awanother rt up. )+pvzsé÷hz46>r4awanother rt c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4aw so thered comedown and so they could noted change their mind and road had three players favor what ever damages the allies said of the tragedy of san bruno. if >> also new details free this morning said his as a lawmakers have approved a fee on all call distribution to help the city recover the costs of dealing with problem drinkers. the measure prizes a mayor of these a beater. they voted 7-3 to oppose it which will begin on gender first but needed eight
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votes to survive or promised vero from their newsom the estimated over in the rose $16 million a year for inland tribes, russ, a tree or programs. president barack obama slant to preserve tax cuts. is causing divisions. some fear that raising taxes on any one during a weak economy could be politically it legal. democrats are expected to discuss it at a meeting today. caithey're callig for leaders offering a bill to all americans tax cuts that will expire at the end of the year. grachev on wall street, stock futures are down after ending mixed the federal reserve is said to report today. they're expecting gains. twitter is bidding itself as a multimedia show case by adding a new window dummies easier to look at photos, video. amazon is now
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taking aim at apple saying its kendall the reader is better than the ipad. commercials are now airing on tv and amazons channel. traffic @ pr0171 of its their.
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and we are back, it is wednesday, left the forecast with louisa. >> good morning. we have fog, a little cool but temperatures are expected to warm up. the bay bridge approach, if you're heading over to oakland temperatures are in the '50s. as we head towards a and we should jump about 10 degrees, high temperature actually getting into the '70s. a little warmer than yesterday back down to 62 by the across hours. there's fog
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of there. pocket of it hanging on to the bay pushing into the north bay adapter 101. also seen some pockets of fog in this of vague. as a head towards 6:00 expect that fog to thicken up. more widespread. then as we had heard the morning in a clock tower still keeping them low cloud cover in place. the breaking of a bid by 10:00, mixing it up to the north bay, adults. even tell about 10:00. burning ovens the afternoon caesarism sunshine temperatures were war obsolete. kron temperatures are all in the '50s. 58 in their oakland, hayward. also san jose temperatures are in the upper 50s. as we head towards the afternoon 81 and sellers of. 83 fairfield. 81 concord.
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livermore 81. los gatos, morgan hill 77. tummy churches into the '70s, warmer than yesterday. 74 ordered city. we are a storm system that we're keeping our eye on. to answer charges into the north bay. could are spread so covered either on saturday or your sunday certainly not a washout the doubly a chance of some rain by the weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. warming trend over the next couple of days. colossally as the storm dropped in from the north. morning commute with erica. >> wednesday morning commute is off to a great start node runs on the roadway. it is a driver time that is ideal. trouble-free at the bay bridge, just a couple cars on the road headed westbound. looking great formal approaches. no signs of any were
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working it is a nice in easy minutes. you're right coming from the dirtiness risk to the macarthur maze is only talking about 17 minutes. san mateo, the taillights are making their in the commute direction, the bride's making their way into hayward. we do as caltrans road work in both directions of '92. that will delay closures as of 5:00 a.m. is still a pretty decent ride out there from one end of this man to the other on a clocking in at 12 minutes. choir read the golden gate, little foggy, driving conditions are looking good. no traffic whatsoever for the southbound, marin, nevada and to san francisco 22 minute ride. future for highway 37 over on 580 clocking in a just a minute. wrapping up with a click quick shot of the east shore freeway westbound 80 you can see a little more company. but so pretty good conditions. james.
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>> thank you more headlines a daily dishonor developing story these version has made a lot of people nervous about gas lines was read to million worth of pipelines and just like many of the nation's highways these gas lines were largely built in the 1950's, '60's kron4 is pam marshall as the dangers. >> well federal investigators tried to cover the father of the explosion pipeline safety advocates say there is only one way to prevent future accidents. >> more regular inspections. >> this chart shows the problems the '50s and '60s some more pipeline construction and any time before or since. here in the bay peonies gas transmission network looks like a freeway map the pipelines even sure every major bridge. the good news is
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the most accidents are not caused by aids or version between 2000-2009. there were 87 serious pipeline incidences' in california the most common cause with third-party excavations. in the time. the total damage was just under $27 million for people died and 16 were injured. >> one family has left canada to escape the explosion on gave what the return home to find their home was intact and to have another problem is been burglarized during their maturation. kron4 is talk to them. . >> jodi relevance those the board is officer the rooms were someone had broken into the house and stolons small but you're visible boulogne's like her engagement and wedding rings that stone's reset or grandmothers ring. >> it's a piece of jewelry. you can put a value on them. >> they talk about the emotional
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roller coaster since thursday's explosion. >> we were so glad just to come back to our has because rationing rating for we're really glad to find output our house was in relatively good shape then all of a sudden i hear this screaming about how we've been robbed. from there it was just awful feeling. just being london's anneals old-time since the explosion happened waiting to give back finally get back and we find this happened to us. it is a traditional thing. as unbelievable. >> they had birthdays and anniversaries and last month. the burglary was a was a gift cards, gift certificates along with jury and small items that could be carried out easily but were in the most is lost by those that could lead to identity theft. if >> the scary spurted the dhikr passports, mind has been that my
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children. and both our search for the kurds. they had wallet's with leftover gifts kurds and record. they have all of her >> identity. my checkbook. everything. >> please city receive your reports over delays but have not yet linton is pretty early to many others pending their investigation. >> a mill brand has been arraigned for allegedly running from police just hours at the gas line is version paul lally was stopped by officers or looking for potential looters them when they ask him why he was in the area he's better off running over and officers for the period here red is stopped and was arrested and pleaded not guilty to several charges he does remain in custody. meanwhile there is another from
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taking shape city workers now finding themselves buried under an avalanche of donated clothes the continue to show up of doctors and cites kron4 as jonathan bloom has more on why they're asking to invest elsewhere. >> here at the center in san bruno the mountain of donations continues to pour in even the the rand at its base days ago. now lie in the past air inside this building going on the way around the back boxes and boxes of donated shoes, clothing joys filled the room with items of people rob by specifically to help victims of this deadly explosion and fire strike back on their feet. as they try to rebuild their homes in search for places to stay. if they've never seen anything like it. >> i don't think i can use words to describe it is quite impressive and emotionally see these people just outpouring. it
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is just incredible. >> we did not expect as much support. volunteers are just coming in line to spend time and help. we're overwhelmed. it's unbelievable. >> since they have read from city workers did really like it if you'd figure donations directly to your local salvation army that is were there and take these items anyways because the salvation army is the organization that's been picked to distribute these items to the people in need so it doesn't matter what foundation you go to just take your items run directly to the salvation army store and they will make sure they get to the victims of the fire. >> we have links information about how you can help the c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>ra lot more s story through the morning, ine s the meantime we have to take a break, as we go reminder about a programming change tomorrow night, nbc will air the giants game, we will have nbc programming at 8:00 if you have
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this season premiere of the apprentice to the tune here to kron4 we'll have that for you at 8:00 p.m. followed with the kron4 news at 10:00 p.m. and of course dr.phil can be seen at three. we will be revived.
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anan let's give you a quick bridge check, bay bridge approach westbound 80 is moving well notice to the toll plaza although we do some work report on the upper deck it is not slowing down. let's jim bart to
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san mateo, highway 92 is moving well in both directions if the credit for hayward to foster city you're making a good time 12 minutes from one end to the other one last look, here red coming in from iran nice and light for usual for wednesday well for any morning. none of the traffic. should be nice of what he will notice that update on the forecast in a bid. let's talk all of it about the alleged aggression and the latest pictures from hurricane and juliet. this is the shot from the international space station hurricane juliet max von winds near 125 mi. per hour. category 3 storm not expected to threaten land in should slowly weaken or the next few days. also getting a view from above hurricane igor the local light don't they. it is crying out in midlantic. this storm is expected to make landfall or bermuda by landfall.
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there is also a tropical storms are all in the golf of mexico is a good hit mexico's peninsula sometime today. mandatory evacuation has been ordered for some residents near the canyon fire in kern county. crews are working to prevent the fire that has been burning it charge more than five dozen acres. there have been no reported injuries and they expect to have the fire under control by friday. meanwhile out going be pc o tony hayward is expected to face british lawmakers as they look into the gulf oil spill hayward is said to give them evidence of a study that followed of deao?w spill. backers of the built ride seven and half billion dollars in aid to people sickened by world trade center does are nearing their fresh for the measure as second house vote nears survivors and lawmakers
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are gathering today. daly is simple majority to pass. leading health experts are saying that even though there is no epidemic they say pretty women still need a flu shot. that is rare letter is being mailed to thousands of doctors from some leading medical studies reminding them to remind their big impatience that they do need a flu shot. another break, we will be back with more airlines in just a moment let us go outside here is a japanese bay interstate 80, those headlights had westbound from her to burke. this is where traffic looks like had westbound from her to burke. this is where traffic looks like rain [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again. in a real impact, for 30 a.m. foggy san francisco this is where looks like from our rooftop camera school morning star wednesday. morning louisa.
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>> good morning. the fog is selling in you can see overcast conditions sitting over james lick. one of clara cover it is to be another day with of power into the afternoon we're going to see this temperatures soared to warm up and get a little breezy as we head into the afternoon there is a chance of rain in our forecast we will get to that in a few minutes first a look at your far tracker you can see its version of a long one no one from senate fell into petaluma also filling in for much of the peninsula green on c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>ra seen as a bach work its way to san bruno down into san jose as a maker way through the day we will continue to warm up starting of cool. 53 sentences of 58 oakland. south bay temperatures in the upper 50s as well. three of the afternoon we are going to warm it up into the '80s. getting back up to 81 degrees for santa rosa, low eighties for fairfield. does south bay
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temperatures are sitting in low 80s. upper 70's tisane has a, keeping it in the '70s ritter on the bay. 82 for a word. here's a look their future cast, as limited to the day on saturday we restore system expected to deepen on saturday markets rain to our area. some stars-spreads of for it. chartwell raise, north bay. the jobs of our even in your sunday may be a few sprinkles on the peninsula keeping rain in the forecast for your saturday, sunday, not a washoe. definitely could be a few sprinkles out there. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. winning continued that morning fog through the rest of the work week. temperature sitting in the '80s in the werin low spots. they're good. >> traffic conditions are easy,
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trouble-free commute. you can see the problems rewrite of the bay bridge tollwi plaza cars ae selling on-all purchase. no signs of any road work on the inclines a despicable minute to read eight minutes from the macarthur maze to fremont. conditions are slightly thicker the bay bridge, still easy conditions across been about directions. calls are living at the limit. we do have some cauldrons for work in both directions at 280 no proms across the span keeping a very good drive time just 12 minutes from one end to the other. choir right of the golden gate, no promise for southbound they're very few cars that they're moving of the limit. novato into san francisco 22 minute trip. wrapping up with a quick shot of the south bay, one no one in san
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jose, so fun traffic is getting along just fine. a bit more company for north brand new but still very good drives and your ride from downtown san jose chapter santa clara very easy 13 minutes. james. >> thank you. i developing story that gas line explosion in san bruno, investigators are still on the scene we'll get this latest from national transportation safety board in a live interview later this morning so stay tuned for that in while we can tell you that authorities are still searching for three people dead or missing have not been accounted for. four people have been confirmed killed 37 homes destroyed, 19, suffered damage they remain unoccupied this morning. more than 320 other homes have been cleared for families to return if federal authorities are searching for clues as to what caused the explosion at this point they have drawn no conclusions they're still looking at how to prevent this happening in the future. >> concrete slabs the size of
4:34 am
pizza boxes still litter the sidewalks jones the pavement as big as basketball's sit in people's front yard. investigators say they're trying to determine if there is a catastrophic flfailure or was it a small leak. >> if it failed catastrophically the means it's unlikely that there be a gas well. pekingeses reviewed the last nine days of service calls and have not found any reports falling abroad as well but investigators they say they have found one incidents. but they're looking for more. only 1 e-mail to only that everson small gas several weeks ago to the call-in the gut response. some investigators are digging in a closer look at the response time to turn off the gas. a spokesperson said it's a dumb
4:35 am
one hour and 45 minutes before employes could get to the ball and shot of the gas. so the issues they're moving looking at relate to how quickly and effectively they responded. yesterday we reported before the victims killed and now the san mateo county coroner's office has confirmed it. here's a photo of herd from 81 you're elizabeth thorez she was home just a few yards from the south source of the explosion the whole has was consumed up by flames for two daughters and son law were seriously injured their main in hospital with severe burn injuries. the others confirmed killed include utilities commission analyst jacqueline greig and her 13-year-old daughter janessa died in the massive blast. jacqueline worked for the commission reviewing pg&e's investment plans to upgrade its natural gas lines, including another risky section of the same pipeline within miles of her home. janessa went to st. cecilia's school she was the student body president. her and her mother were home when the blast happened and her
4:36 am
husband and 16 year-old daughter were attending a back-to-school event. 20 year-old jessica morales died in the explosion she was at her boyfriend's house when the explosion happened. they were going to watch a football game on tv. this is a photo of the couple. her boyfriend is badly burned. he tried desperately to save jessica but could not. he is listed in critical condition. three other still remain listing they include 17 year-old william, his father gregory and his grandmother live on. as the investigation continues the areas that suffer the most damage are still off-limits to the general public kron4 is a ring kelly stood as one of the blocks of the many homes are completely destroyed on. >> i am on the 1600 block of claremont read about a block a half away from where the blast originated you can just take a look at the devastation on this one half block it is hard to tell how many homes stood on the st. john and chimneys just on this side of the st ion 99 homes that are drawn. and there does me that there are more historic properties on the next walkover
4:37 am
let me zoom into this summer is here, again all that is left is a chimney surrounded by a pile of rubble. you can see what looks like shards of broken ceramic which is for was someone's vase that exploded in the heat of the fire was also really striking is the fire disease to stop with this has grave behind were displays of sir is standing. yellow tags because of smoke damage but the rest of the home down this block all have green day is a richmond there is a dogfight. takes which means they are safe to occupy. >> cleaning was always an option, some things are just too far gone in had to be thrown dumpsters laid out about every half block. this table is a reminder of how close the fire came look, you can see were the flying ember landed on the table
4:38 am
burns but the house did not. the dump is remotely fall by midafternoon and people coming back again and again to drop of more destroyed property cleaning trucks started to clean but they were the only ones insurance adjusters were also making a visit to their clients there were inspecting the property in getting the claims ruling. these were the lucky ones, not to far away was the destruction left behind most of the houses in the burned area were reduced to nothing more than concrete slabs and chimneys. dispenses but yesterday the idea is to keep people from going in but the view is still there acting as a reminder of how lucky those were to still come home to 11 in san bruno, jet bridge, kron4 news. >> don't forget to you can always get the latest on the story at you have all led informational available for you. it is on the front page read their we're
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what the message on far more in this town has 439, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. is-it's going to be a little bit warmer day tenders is getting back in the '80s we will continue with some da on your thursday, friday slate chance, " we give a slight chance of showers showers, this is the wrong forecast but will have the right one coming up. james. >> world headlines, new details on sarah this morning we drove the ec but this student is resting today is her first full day of freedom. a secretary- general of the united nations is expressing hope that i ron will release her companions she was one of three u.s. ichors arrested all three accused of spying. sheeps' hair was grateful to be released. >> a few fleeting images as there as she got ready to board
4:41 am
a plane to freedom. it did not happen tell her bill was played $500,000 american officials say the the the u.s. government or the family paid it reporters as had sarah about her release. >> i want to ask over my thanks to everyone in the world's all of the government, the people that and involved i am grateful and humbled. she did not mention her to jim and instill in parisian. this is the scene last may 1st of three americans were allowed visits ser's fiancee jane and their friend josh apparently are not being released anytime soon. i ran schipa sickert talked about sears relief. >> she was simply said free she can leverage wants to. >> the state department says it
4:42 am
wants iran president to bring the other two americans when he visits the u.s. next week. a spokesman posted the johnson that's the way to prove it could well as americans. officials say it is unclear how long sarah will stay in omar or whether not to seek medical attention immediately. new details in chile, it has been 40 days as a mine collapsed dropping 33 miners by yesterday a little bit of hope for least one director worker with the birth of his baby girl. >> and this was the first child the we heard about being delivered during the 40 days, a sure sign of the resilience. you think about all of the things that will take place once the miners get to this service all of the plans that have been formulating as they are linked
4:43 am
to being freed. none are as touching as the idea of this father finally getting to meet his daughter once he is finally free. >> no minors in history have been traps along it is still could be months before a hole large enough to get them out is drilled. we will follow this story as it develops through the months ahead. another break, a quick look as we go, checking on the rhine and san francisco. james lick freeway traffic is in the background i can only see the tail lights. we're told everything is moving well.
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and we are back, ruth camera, get there, cool and that cancer rain is still in the forecast. >> and nice forecast but you're really excited. temperatures will little warmer today that is
4:45 am
good news, here's a short of san mateo, we are dealing with some fog. the kind of cool of there, by jumping up and the upper 50s should break into the '60s, then 71 back down below '60s. many of but starting to slow undone to the south bay, filling in along the peninsula. seeing some pockets of what of the north bay. by the 6:00 hour that fahd is expected to thicken up. 7-8 rob hour, mixing it up to the north bay in the delta. will keep dead father, a low cloud cover in the picture. and the cosine even to about 11:00. and to the afternoon sun breaks of sunshine. fifties, at 53 1/7 and cisco, upper 50s to these bay. t
4:46 am
bay. 81 in concord, south bay temperatures are expected to jump into the '80s. loewy's for los gatos, morgan hill. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temperatures in the '80s, the next couple of days morning fog is expected. by saturday, sunday we do have a storm to the north of was it could dip down and your area green the best chance of rain to the north bay. but peninsula may also see a few sprinkles downtown san francisco for your saturday or your sunday. for 46, let's go ahead and get a look out your weather. and your traffic. >> smith conditions on iraq, but the project will the other side just a couple of cars on their road ran now headed westbound once you pass as they gave this
4:47 am
assessment come easy ride. leading lights are off. no signs of any overnight construction lender than a minute trip from the macarthur maze into fremont street. all right now to read this damage there, conditions are slightly thicker here that the bay bridge but still decent conditions nonetheless. you can see in no problems whatsoever on either end across the span overnight construction is in effect in both directions of '92 rare where amy 280. it will really not affect your drive time. 12 minutes from one end to the other, golden gate is a nice, easy ride. a few cars on the road. novato a san francisco adjusted 22 manager brain now. traffic is moving at the limit. which other san francisco. no problems for yourself from ride heading toward the peninsula to
4:48 am
arrive from the 10180 is as clocking in at 17 minutes, he genie's city inspector have been really busy turning our back ron kron4 said craig sklar talk to one resident a constant reminder as why they're living there. >> once the home he gene e. fears of the car and running. and as zander no inspector took a closer look to make sure was
4:49 am
safe but across the street the view is unmistakable devastation will be there for the foreseeable future. it is hard to comew6r to, very overwhelming. just as malone.3 i'm sure that smell be here for quite awhile. her family moved back to the house even though they're cleared it to show she's not sure there will move back some say they will move away for good. children happened is just too much. staying here means living in a place in will never be the same even after that you begin to look like an arm on the road again i'm sure will be a long c,gv)+pvzsé
4:50 am
phrases or dots. fires raged as residents watch. the tie flags to light poles residence on buses toward the neighborhood snapping pictures. sharing memories. there's a found only church for evidence of the 37 homes many with cars in the driveway. comprehensive coverage on so check that out. there's a slide show this shows pictures a year sentence as and videos as well if you would like to take a look all that is available at our front page at now let's talk sports, the giants, their in the thick of a pen to raise but it took a moment last night to honor the victims of last week's explosion the giants donated $3 of every ticket sold. for sons it hit close to home. .
4:51 am
>> my house had to be evacuated. it is sad that families lost people. >> how you feel them donating money. >> it is good. the people need help. our prayers are with those families who had injuries and one not. news suffered from this accident we do support them we are here in hopes and prayers are with those families. it puts everything in perspective you know that is a real issue was talk about play baseball tonight, people are losing their homes. and dying. it is a bad deal. anytime the weekend about anywhere in the weekend we're doing >> it> and the dodgers ended up winning the nl butter 1-0 the giants from the game and have
4:52 am
him back. the standard disaster is bringing many people together of course they're offering donations of food, lodging and much-needed money that is all sir attracted people from all around the bay who were there just do one thing stanley roberts spent the day and timber now to show you what is happening. >> keep moving, keep moving. keep moving. keep moving. the california highway patrol was forced to babysit a stretch of sanford avenue because of people living badly. like this man crossing in the middle the street he was advised by the officer to use a crosswalk. this area became so bad that local and state law enforcement had to step in to calm things down. i was sure your. watch the driver of the red her slowly cruising up some revenue with flashers breaking. then the car comes to stop. this driver was not the only one. there's this
4:53 am
passenger the jobs of this gold car on san bruno ave. she gets there to point at the scene of the disaster were alliterates. tens and later she jones back in. only so the driver could block traffic and parking in the left turn lane to keep watching for about five minutes. these people all have one thing in common their part rockers are looking lose. the show every time there's a disaster they have no real purpose other than to look and take photos of some tragic event in this case the disaster. like this guy and running down san bruno he parked his car in the no parking area so he could snap photos of his cell phone. according to residents they cannot even find parking on their street because or is dr. shoring up. please, keep in mind that lives are lost your if your really that interested in seeing is happening watch the news. so the police can focus on more corn things. in san bruno, stanley
4:54 am
roberts, kron4 news. and of course they was for continuing coverage of the gas line explosion you can also lead to were website at we have comprehensive coverage right there on our front page video, photos, the latest. we'll be back. >> [ male announcer ] barbara boxer. she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs.
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i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again. what amounts the kron 4 morning news, time now is for 54, pretty dark shot of their former down dan kerman it is pretty dark, we're also dealing with many of low cloud cover there. local roads, fog is once again playing a role. kind of: san francisco 53 degrees, then in getting up to 61. high temperature 65 degrees and then back down to the '50s by the the for our joint is far greater on the bay area. moving up into the north bay also floating up into portions of san jose, fremont. we'll continue to see the fog, the can of the next couple of
4:56 am
hours or so turned damages of 53 degrees and the cisco upper 50s and oakland and hayward. into the afternoon temperatures are expected to warm slightly. action getting up in the '80s wary yesterday we sat around in the '70s. 81 degrees 83 degrees for fairfield. sotheby's. morgan hill. 81 degrees and do livermore keeping it in the '70s rate around the bay, '60s for the coast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. does show a storm system dropping down from the north friday night and your saturday kantor sunday we do have a chance of rain in the picture. the best chance of rain being in the north bay. we-the seasons ago moving their way south porch along the peninsula. just keep in mind you might need your under lip. james. >> we have some of some video of hawaii where the red bull cliff diving world series. could these people. the event took
4:57 am
place at the can you we false. points are awarded four former and degree of difficulty as the cliff divers the ball 88 ft.. the reach speeds about 50 mi. per hour. the crowd favorite was the reigning world series champion. orlando to shape. but the winner of the overall title went on to gary hunt took a four of six wins to win. kind of a feinstein out there. we're going to take a break, you're watching the kron4 news, with a program note for tomorrow night nbc will be during the giants did so as usual we will carry giant programming that includes a series premiere of the apprentice so if you're looking to watch that you have to tune here to kron4, this thursday night at 8:00 p.m. we will follow up with a special edition of the kron4 news at 10. we'll be right back.
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4:59 am
5:00 am
and we're back, top story this morning the investigation continues into the sand ran a gas line explosion as authorities are still on the scene, will have the latest a live report. for the first time we're hearing from firefighters for workers on the scene we will hear from them in their own words. and what he needs seeing about who will foot the bill for the explosion. you might be surprised. more and those are stories in a moment but first let's get an early check on weather, traffic. we'll begin with weather, here's a live picture let's take the money to louisa. good morning james. if temperatures in the afternoon our chagrin to warm up. getting of the season places like santa rosa, also to the delta, fairfield antioch, livermore getting of its knees. you did in the '70s reed around the bay there is a chance for the showers as we head towards the weekend, a full four as coming up. erica. >> thank you, easy condition
5:01 am
that the bay bridge coming from all approaches to the westbound, no overnight construction. no meeting lights, full text ahead. james. >> naturally it is for the top story the gas line explosion, federal investigators are still on the scene this morning, authorities are also still searching for three people unaccounted for at this point at least four people had been confirmed killed 37 homes also destroyed, 19 home substantially damaged their remain unoccupied, more than 320 other homes have been cleared for families to return federal authorities say they are still searching for clues as to what caused this explosion no word yet on any conclusions. they're also looking at how to prevent this from happening in the future. kron4 is will tran is live in san bruno with the latest on what he's seen. good morning will. >> good morning what i'm seeing now is much activity, with the command center but it is still early, i do expect a lot police
5:02 am
officers to roll in here because this is still a crime scene as far as gathering evidence as far as the investigators are concerned they pro lee did most of that already, the key points are for the next couple of days is to go around talking to witnesses they're trying to track down where ever said they smelled gas in the days, moments before the gas line explosion because as we know they just hurt most of the pipe itself and two surrounding types back to washington d.c. on a flatbed. that is one part of their investigation that will be analyzed. the other part is to talk to people because they want to know if there was a simple week in the pipe then no one knew about or there was something that broke because maybe the ground shifting that is a big part of it so far they have received an 90 e-mail's into the ntsb purportedly only one person was the person who said yes i did not ask. there'll be more people come forward. coming up by 5:15 a.m. will have
5:03 am
a live interview with the spokesperson for national transportation safety board and the very latest further investigation and what they're doing to return to the residence the most of the market their homes. back to you james. >> as for the crater is there any activity there. what to look like this morning. >> let's show you, it is still dark, it is very dark. i do see a blinking light down there. i understand that once light comes up there's still a lot of work to be done there's a chain-link fence down there to make sure the public does not go lin but they still need to do a lot of utility workers the power for the most part should be back to all of the homes by now the were talking about the cable as well as the telephone lines said yesterday we did see a lot of utility companies crisscrossing that area under the close watch of the police officers because they were driving around just controlling as if it was a normal day but they're there to reestablish the infrastructure and once the light comes up to
5:04 am
will also show you what's going on down there as well. james. >> is key and i am the story from the command center meanwhile more than 201st responders rushed to the scene and for the first time now the public is hearing from those cruz. the fact we have a segment of that interview let's listen in as their crab those frantic moments. >> my wife and i saw the explosion i turned her into a tree and mean she's ago. and i told her that i would call her when i could the sound, the noise ofe e e e e e e it was dt was very loud. it sounded very much like a been a jet airplane engine still running. >> when i arrived there we had walking wounded during a tour fire station at this time we really didn't have any radios or communications. what we did was ask the citizens to drive people off with second-degree burns on her arms in their face to da hospital. then we discovered that there was no
5:05 am
water in the hydrant's we think the water main had been blown up by the blast. it's a sinking feeling cybele's you count on our being there was from one of the hardest things that of fire had to do. this is like my family, the neighbors they walk their dogs we see them come a day in, day out. very hard to leave when i do go home to my family. i feel obligated i feel like part of me is being left behind. many of the firefighters were first on the scene live or grow up in san bruno so the people they responded to our people they knew. meanwhile pg&e customers are worried that the company may try to pass the costs of the explosion on to them the customers. yesterday piccinni's submitted an application to the public utilities co. seeking to build customers for costs related to disasters were crossed by the company. a san diego lawyer and
5:06 am
former attorney who is challenging the proposal wanted to know of the explosion was being lumped in here's a pg&e had to say. we don't intend to seek cost recovery for that the tragedy. >> about million dollars in general liability those claims will be covered by. he says he wants to make sure piccinni does not change his mind and have customers pay for whatever damages may be crawling out from the explosion. we also have the latest on our web site en give them a look, the front pages dedicated to the explosion your findings on how you can donate and help the victims. all that is available for you again at >> time may now is 5 06, this morning is starting of chile. more than fog of there, as we had this in the afternoon mayor archer going to warm up. were
5:07 am
shot from albany issuing is clear conditions, you're dealing with quite a bit low cloud cover and fired some of that fraud is producing a little bit of drizzle, as we head towards the weekend we are in for a chance of rain. bart trecker give me an idea of where it is, through the golden gate starting to fill in your san bruno, exploding into the self big current temperatures sitting in the '50s. as we head towards the afternoon wore me that in the '80s in places like santa rosa, fairfield, concord road 65 degrees and you san francisco 74 richmond south bay low 80s the bases like los gatos, morgan hill. 77 to san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. shows that chance of rain for the weekend, storm driving down further north. best chance is to the north bay. a few sprinkles for sub of the peninsula. and downtown centers is on your saturday. sunday. >> erica. thank you. not a lot of activity which is always a good thing for your early morning commute, off creek
5:08 am
project, here's the bay bridge and nice, easy conditions had westbound towards the city note from coming from either of the purges those meeting lights are still off, enjoy that comfortably minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. it is also a delay free ride on your way through cemetery now, you can see those taillights making their way in the commune direction no problems in either direction across this banner in now of 92, your read from end to end his clocking in at 12 minute period and is also the late fred the golden gate, traffic is steadily moving at a limit, it is a delay free ride for your still bound commuter i will wrap up with a quick shot of san jose, just 101 northbound traffic is getting along just fine, clocking in 12 minutes from downtown san jose et towards and unclear. reno is 5 08, will you back with
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5:12 am
under way and sentences of up to one man was shot dead and another at a salted both at the same address that happened about 11:00 last night the 2000 block of perot avenue in the city's bay view, one man who answered the door was shot. the second victim in the house was a salted. please have two male suspects in custody. 29 rob san francisco man is scheduled to be arraigned in connection with a deadly crash in sentences richmond district prosecutors charged william r. roll off with vehicular manslaughter and driving under a suspended license he allegedly ran a stop sign hitting another vehicle and one of the passengers in the vehicle that was struck 65 year- old helen of san francisco died in an accident. and while we have new details this morning 7 as the lawmakers have approved a fee on all call distribution to help the city recover the costs of dealing with problem drinkers
5:13 am
but the measure files 8 likely veto. they voted 7-3 to oppose a fee to begin on january 1st, but it needed eight votes to survive a veto. the only got seven they estimate it will bring about $60 million a year for inland tribes, rests on a treatment programs and other alcohol related services. we'll take a break, more news coming up for human factor live report with the national transportation safety board with the latest information on the investigation into the gas line explosion.
5:14 am
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and we're back, today governor schwarzenegger will visit the site of the san bruno and gas line explosion he will get a briefing on the recovery efforts there meanwhile federal message is jurors are looking into whether pga not the workers of the proper emergency procedures during the explosion kron4 the trend is live. the command center in san bruno.
5:17 am
with the national transportation safety board to find out more about where the investigation is now. the morning. >> " it looks like we got from with a live shot will try and get that way back in a moment. were the chat with them about what you're doing and how the investigation is going. meanwhile yesterday reported the name of the fourth victim killed and the salmon tango county coroner's office has confirmed that identity, there she is elizabeth torres, this score are 81 years old or home was just a few yards from the site her house consumed by flames and dr. two daughters, son-in-law or, at the time seriously injured they're made in hospital suffering again from burn injuries and ask for the others they include 44 roads jacqueline greig and her 13- in the massive blast. jacqueline worked for the commission reviewing pg&e's investment plans to upgrade its natural gas lines, including another risky section of the same pipeline
5:18 am
within miles of her home. janessa went to st. cecilia's school she was the student body president. her and her mother were home when the blast happened and her husband and 16 year-old daughter were attending a back-to-school event. 20 year- explosion she was at her boyfriend's house when the explosion happened. they were going to watch a football game couple. her boyfriend is badly burned. he tried desperately to save jessica but could not. he remains in critical condition. three others remain missing,fgps father gregory and his grandmother the three of them are unaccounted for as the investigation continues. let's get back at their to the command center will trend has been reporting there he is standing by with representatives of the national transportation safety board good morning. the >> good morning, let's get rid to what the national transportation safety board christopher hart has been here for days investigating and talking to the media the big point is now he took the key parts of the piper way of heading to washington d.c. what is the next phase? >> mother is that phase, they
5:19 am
will put that in the lab and will look to that in detail we will look at all the aspects so for example we visited the terminal where there's a monitoring and control station will be looking at the other monitoring and control stations, the gloves, the effect is on either side will investigating an interview witnesses we have a list of witnesses from the operator. we also receive some 90 e-mail's will fall on those. my response to her doorstep people who smelled gas and receive 90 e-mail's all the one of which said she smelled gas, to three weeks before i called them " responded we're still looking for people who have reports. >> what did the other e-mail's say? >> some videos, some simon's nearby to help, some said could work, it was quite a variety. >> is there a chance of this e-
5:20 am
mail's may never come in saying i am will tran eyes of the gas pressure mark shouldn't buy now at your receiver lot of it e- mail's it's been six days preparing mark is hope fading that maybe people did not spell it that it was just a faint smile on their minds? >> in a matter the persons have not been attentive enough to do that. we will never know what we don't know. >> as far as the soil in the pipe, is there anything in the soil that could tell us that there was gassing it was captured in the the could tell you what e-mail's can't? the maybe gas was leaking? >> dead vegetation is an indication " can be that is why one of the things we have asked about reporter address is unexplainable dead vegetation. >> did you see any? a lot of that area's stirred but can you tell? >> the question is was there any dead before the fire, the we
5:21 am
should know about? >> the door is a gas leak could be huge or could be something that seems like a punctured the water rose? >> it could of been either that's the reason why the separation is so important if it's a gas leak fall by an explosion that's a different kind of rupture that visitors the catastrophic rupture. that's one of the reasons that it's important to us to hear if there was gas leaks. >> is piccinni helping you out? >> pg&e is one of the parties, they been very cooperative. they're all parties, the city as a member of the party they have all been caught very cooperative. >> a lot of people that asked me, what could cause that's part? we need this market rask was leaking to causes explosion can you give us some scenarios on sports? >> our primary interest is and what causes the spark is irrelevant unless as an escape of gas. our primary focus is
5:22 am
going to be on what caused the state. >> this marketer came from a pilot, to any number of things. we also have situations without a spark. which is one case there was no combustion. >> to do been no in scotia without any holes in there is the pipe was perverted could not often remarked >> gascon have to escape clause oxygen prospered in order to have the ignition. >> thank you. that's correct are with national transportation safety board and we will start again at 6:00 a.m.. coming up by 30 a.m. i will tell you what people are doing out here to warn residents about possible scams in this the right you will not want to miss that we'll have done about 10 minutes. >> thank you will. in the course of the very latest on the story you can always go to our web site at our friend kate is redesigned to give you the latest information right there at the first click >> good morning james, is dealing with somebody out there this morning low cloud cover
5:23 am
even a bit of drizzle. our shows dimethyl looks clearly europe's string temperature and cemeteries in the '50s. by noon time getting into the upper 60s, afternoon highs topping every around 71 from a low 60s by the the clock tower. dealing with somebody, you can see of filling in. to the northern portions along san bruno gap. flowing southward down along 101 and up towards petaluma. tran temperatures sitting in the fifties, it also done into the here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. low 50s replace rex harrison, napa. cinephile. in the afternoon should warm of 81 in santa rosa, given these for fairfield, concord '70s for richmond, keeping it in the '70s rid around the bay and along the coastline green as temperatures into the 50s. about 83 degrees in los gatos. keeping our eye on
5:24 am
midlantic we have to hurricanes out there, from the hurricane igor and it is diminishing a little bit but still very powerful. it is a hundred and 45 are a mile wins. hurricane juliet is also a category for with wins at hundred and 35 mi.. to keep an eye on both of those hurricane here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it raises the chance of some showers as we head towards the weekend. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions,
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welcome back the kron 4 morning news, 527. check of the red the bay bridge, easy conditions but to me it is deftly building now tracking the nine minute ride from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. still looking for to get there, your read this in detail note from their easy conditions in both directions across van slyke said conditions are getting slightly thicker but still enjoying delay free conditions all around the bay. complete check of bay area roads and bridges stood ahead. james. >> and when we come back from this break the latest on a live report from san bruno as the investigation continues into report from san bruno as the investigation continues into what ion sale we're showing our appreciation with extra savings this friday and saturday. save an extra 15% on all regular, sale, and clearance items. everything! no exclusions! save an extra 15% on all brands for her. ...and all brands for him. save an extra 15% on all brands for baby. ...and everything for home. and if you use your jcpenney card, it's not an extra 15%,
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5:31 am
for three people were yet unaccounted for. four people were confirmed killed, 37 homes destroyed, 19 homes damaged badly enough that there remain unoccupied and more than 320 homes have been green light for families to return federal authorities are searching for clues as to the cause and what can be done to prevent this in the future. kron4 is will tran has been falling the coverage from the command center in san bruno will let you know? >> right now the national transportation safety board will be back this morning when the sun comes up to once again talk to possible and this is to try and find out if anyone is small gasper for the line ruptured or in this case probably leaked. they're not sure if there was a catastrophic rupture or if it had been leaking for quite some time before the explosion to replace the received 90 e-mail's we just got done talking to christopher hart with the national transportation safety board would then 90 only one person so far said yes i did smug as before the explosion
5:32 am
took place. now they're asking more people to possibly call them to let them know about any glass leaks that might happen before then. i also ask them at this point it people did not call that maybe it was a phantom smile that they think or thought they smelled. he said that was one possibility but it is still very early perhaps the board is getting back to your homes and their word about other things before they reached out to the authorities. speaking of returning to their homes and in the neighborhood of glenview drive about 1/4 mile from the gas line explosion. many people are back in their homes. when you come to this neighborhood these signs does proctor or night. it says " on license contractors beware. we spoke to a man yesterday who said that his mom's home, she's an 81 year-old had suffered so damaged that the contractors came in order purport with our knowledge
5:33 am
saying there's so much damage they needed to be fixed your report about that and he was livid because there's nothing bad, he wants the money that pg&e is paying for this that the money should their homes that suffered more damage than his mom some he ordered that a contractor to write the contract and the contractor did but obviously he got ahold of the state as well as other peoeoeoee this or the place coming up at 6:00 a.m. we'll have another live interview with christopher hart from the national transportation safety board to talk about if there is a chance that they may never know what caused the rupture. back to james. >> thank you, b where fraud. if you want to contact the national transportation safety board they did send an e-mail address. here's a live look this morning from golden gate, traffic is coming in as they would get an update and a moment, let's talk about the weather and the fog.
5:34 am
>> james, low clouds, froggy even drizzle. for the weekend some raindrops in-store, we'll get to that and a few minutes. we will see an nice warm today however as we head towards the afternoon, for now here's a look at our fog tracker, it is filling in. do the golden gate bridge forcing up into the north bay and then the net typical pattern down to the east bay. we are expecting as temperatures to warm up. of japan has a ring as temperatures of of these, santa rosa '80s to fairfield, concord. 7 these around the bay, we have a storm system expected to drop down from the north so by saturday we connections are to
5:35 am
see a few sprinkles. a better chance of rain in the north bay, we are expecting the storm to deepen enough that we could bring some sprinkles along the peninsula. it cells of the golden gate bridge for your saturday injured sunday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it does not vary that much in temperatures we stayed fairly similar the next couple of days '80s and land, '70s around the bay, '60s for the coast, that change comes by the weekend. a checked now with erica. >> thank you, for those of you having at the door there's an instant and restart your wednesday morning commute. traffic is building a the bay bridge the family a bigger volume of cars there we saw just 10 minutes ago, you can see a minor way in some of a cash lanes but still is not time you up too much as bumbling of your dry time by about a minute or so. still a nice, easy ride
5:36 am
martinez bridge to the macarthur maze is just 18 minutes. it is also pretty smooth going on here red deer san mateo, traffic is moving pretty well in the commute direction towards foster city. those bright lights making their way into hayward, no reports of any problems, real delays in either direction, very good drive time just about 13 minutes from one end to the other. very quiet at the golden gate, you can see very few cars on the road for the soap and commute. if you're headed northbound also delay free ride at this hour. novato to san francisco 22 minutes. highway 37 over to these band 580 clocking in at the minutes. and i will wrap up here quickly with a quick shot of something, when no one san jose, traffic is definitely built up since our last report you can see still slow goismooth going. no delaysr problems. james.
5:37 am
>> thank you, quickly letting in node developing story an investigation is underway in san francisco after one man was shot dead and another resulted at the same address, an avid about 11:00 last night. you see you on this matter in the bayview district, one man a man who answered the door he was shot. the second victim was inside the house he was a salted. police did track down two male suspects those stories in custody this morning. cook right back with more headlines in a moment, we want a good side in other look forward to up camera the fog, the low clouds and a factory to meet this morning and may actually cause some delays sfo we'll find out about 15 minutes. 6:30 a.m. is when the airport usually stirs to report delays we will let you
5:38 am
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has moved to dismiss hundreds of lawsuits over claims setting from sudden acceleration in its vehicles the data dianne says attorneys for divers have failed to identify any defects in the vehicles hundreds of lawsuits were filed after the ottoman curve began recalling millions of vehicles because of acceleration problems and a break which is what the pri is hybrid. all the cases were consolidated and have signed to a judge in san that. president barack obama plans to preserve a middle-class tax cuts while letting them go on with less taxes on the welts. it's causing division within his own party some fear that raising taxes on anyone during the weak economy could be politically lethal. most democrats are expected to discuss it. they're correcting signatures on a letter calling for leaders to offer a bill extending to all americans tax cuts that are due to expire at the end of the year. back here
5:42 am
in california in mandatory evacuation has been ordered for some residents near the canyon / to put that fire that so far has earned roughly 5,000 a. it is only 10 percent contained and the u.s. services so far no injuries have been reported they do expect how the fire under control by friday.vd in other news the ninth infanq the state has died from will be dropped. the california department says the baby lived in san vernal county and was less than two months old the department of health says the death makes this year's epidemic more deadly than the one back in 2005. 73600 or because of infections have been reported so far this year in california. i live look your the cemetery, traffic is movingw/ to west, we willw;! have a full check of your commute coming up in a moment.
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5:46 am
welcome back to kron 4 morning news, a shot of the bay bridge approach, there is quite a bit of low cloud cover in fact some of the fog is hours a producing some drizzle however as we head towards the afternoon temperatures are expected to warm up, slight chance of rain wasn't the picture by the weekend, all the details coming up. here's a look to your satellite showing as for the fog is, read a long one no one from sandra's all the way down to stand above. the house along much of the peninsula. connecting with morgan hill as well. as we head toward 6:00 we'll continue to see that fog really filling in, pushing in the dub that it will stay in place your 7-8:00 hour 10:00 a bit of mixing out to the north bay to those that, still keeping that fog in place on the peninsula and the, even portions of the east bay even to the afternoon. it should burn off as we had to get in in bringing
5:47 am
sunshine and warmer temperatures, current center 50 degrees and is as good from the '50s of art and elsewhere. opera 50s through the north bay. darya of 81% or as a come 83 fans at fairfield, 82 concord. south bay temperatures didn't these as well, antioch's spring is about 83 degrees. as we have under the weekend, that storm is expected to drop down so you can see your saturday's rain showers and to the north bay the best chance is being in the north bay could get cells word and move into the peninsula. seeing some showers and your san francisco on your saturday and sunday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. raises temperatures that don't look much nicer. morning fog, the change comes for the weekend checked and traffic with your gut. >> thank you. were not talking hots for reruns los what you can see traffic is building around
5:48 am
the bay, defilade case of the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing her first back up in the cast lanes had westbound towards the city, it is really not been a delay your right to much as those meeting lights are still cycle boss. still looking at about 10 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze and to fremont. jumping on over to your right to san mateo, conditions are slightly thicker by moving pretty well as you make your way in the new direction, minimal wait at the toll plaza as you make your way down to 101 but if you're coming in the non commute is a delay free ride. 0 runouts the golden gate, just a few cars on the road headed towards the city, no promise yourself down commune novato into the city is rocking and it is 22 minutes, wrapping up with a quick shot of san francisco, a clause down traffic no problems whatsoever traffic is still nice, light as you make your way toward the peninsula your ride from the one no one towards the airport is clocking in at an 18 minute ride. james.
5:49 am
>> thank you, the governor's schwarzenegger will visit the site of the gas line explosion he will get a briefing on the recovery efforts out there he's been away and an asian trip but he is back, investigators are looking into the pg&e workers followed proper procedures during that explosion the national transportation safety board is deserving of a timeline of the response and they say that will be very important then to why it took the company nearly two hours to show up the gas line that few of the blaze. pg&e says the pipeline had to shut down manually because it was not equipped with the newer automatic shut off. one family was lucky enough to escape it explosion they returned from found intact and then realize it had been burglarized. >> george your fellow was showing the police officer their rooms or someone had broken into
5:50 am
the house and stole a small but irreplaceable lines like for engagement and wedding rings the headstones reyes said from her grandmother's rain. >> it's hard to put a drag on an heirloom piece of jewelry. >> they talk about the emotional roller coaster that they have been riding on since the explosion. >> we're glad to come back to a house with a sly way for three days. we're really glad to find their house was in relatively good shape then all of a sudden i hear then she's dreaming about how we have been rocked. from there it was really just an awful feeling just beyond his initial the whole time for the role sons is a version and waiting and just to give back in our house and find this happen to us. it is just an additional thing is unbelievable. >> both charity and dante had birthdays and anniversaries and
5:51 am
last month so the or was it a mistake occurred and gift certificates along with jury and small items that could be carried out easily the woods wearing the most is the loss of biden said could lead to identity theft. the >> scary part is a superb passports. mine has been that our children. both of our social security cards. like we had a wallet with leftover for the kurds and things. >> as of our identity. oliver crucial documents. everything. there's two different reports or burglaries but have not yet lanes the spurt early to many others pending their investigation. >> >> meanwhile end of the rand has been arraigned for allegedly running from police on his motorcycle just hours after that explosion. paul believe he was stopped by officers who were looking for potential looters
5:52 am
in those evacuated in the red on the answer my news there he sped off and start running over the officers fired in the process. he meant they stopped, he has been arrested he did plead not guilty to zero felony charges he remains in custody on 50 grand. >> the community as sander is receiving donations from all of the bay of five city workers are finding themselves dealing with too much of it. you can see in this video boxes, boxes the snake around sidelocks etc. evacuation shelters which is continues to pile up. one worker like it. >> i don't think it could even use words to describe it, it is quite impressive and emotional when you see out for increased the fins. it is just incredible. >> did expect as much support and volunteerism and the book is coming into the money to spend time in helping us out we're just over one that is unbelievable.
5:53 am
>> that is the organization that is been chosen to distribute the stings. if you want to dunite take your eyes and ears of haitian army. >> the latest on this story, with the latest information, about those, photos and is available on our website we redesigned to get to more news faster again #@
5:54 am
n speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should have skipped that second soda. remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic!
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(train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed. amtrattttttttttttttt..
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in merrimack, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the
5:57 am
weather will say unseasonably mild as we head towards the latter half of the week. morning clouds, fog, a breezy. tempters getting up to low 80s inland, as you can see weekend of hole that the cooling off as a head towards the weekend the system is coming in the may bring is a chance of rain saturday and sunday. we're going to take a break, we'll always we have the latest from san bruno as we continue to cover the gas line explosion kron4 will trent is out there so is the national transportation safety board to get the ♪
5:58 am
mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) ♪ mmmmm... ( crash ) when you add velveeta to spicy rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you've got a queso so good, it'll blow 'em away. mmmmm... ( crash ) - ha ha ha! - woo! - dang! velveeta & rotel. man, that's good!
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